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Virtual Event, June 12-13, 2020
                        E2EVC 2020 ATHENS

November 20-22, 2020

E2EVC Virtualization Conference is a series of worldwide non-commercial, virtualization community Events.
Our main goal is to bring the best virtualization experts together to exchange knowledge and to establish new connections. E2EVC is a weekend crammed with presentations, Master Classes and discussions delivered by both virtualization vendors product teams and independent experts.
Started in August, 2003 with just 4 people and after 44 very successful events grown to a well-recognized event with about 250 attendees. In the last 17 years and 44 events, our conference has taken place in cities such as Athens, Munich, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Cape Town, Frankfurt, Dublin, Orlando, Paris, Prague, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Munich, New York, Nice, Lisbon, Rome, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Vienna. On average we have 35-40 sessions at each event. Topics are - server, application, desktop, storage virtualization with products from vendors like Microsoft, VMware, Citrix and many more. Over 50 of the best virtualization community experts present their topics. Many current virtualization community leaders participated in the past or still participate in our events. It's the people that attend, presenters that present and our sponsors who make this event possible.

What is E2EVC Virtualization Conference and what do others think about it? Read the reviews below and make your own impression!

Workspace Guru       Marcel Venema          Rory Monaghan       Bas Van Kaam

Benny Tritsch   Andrew Wood         Be-crITical     Wilco Van Bragt

Jim Moyle, CTP                  Michael Rueffli               Neil Spellings   

E2EVC 2020 ATHENS, our 45 Event in E2EVC History


NOVEMBER 20-22, 2020

Very limited availability, since the physical Madrid event tickets were transferred to Athens.
Venue Place will be announced shortly

REGISTER HERE - 399EUR (you pay in GBP - 359,- GBP)

Due to transfer of June Madrid event to Athens we only have a few tickets left, to be able to maintain safe distance between attendees. In case the capacity/distance requirements will be lowered, we may have some extra tickets in September.
By registering you agree to wear a mask at the event at all times, as well as follow general health and safety advisory from the Organizer.

The ticket is non refundable. In case of cancellation or no show the ticket will be transferred to the next physical event.
In case of Covid, Ebola or Aliens landing on Earth the ticket is transferred to the first physical event attended.
Ticket's do not expire, until actually used. So if you decide not to use the ticket for the event you purchased it for, you can transfer it to any same Geo location in the future (EU to EU, AF to AF, NA to NA etc.)





ControlUp - Collective Analytics for IT Operations
First generation IT analytics and big data forever changed the IT industry. At ControlUp we are spearheading the Collective IT Analytics revolution. By harnessing the power of big data analytics from thousands of organizations we find patterns, detect problems, establish dynamic baselines and generate actionable insights - opening the door to smarter IT.

VMware Unlimited
At VMware, we believe that software has the power to unlock new opportunities for people and our planet. We look beyond the barriers of compromise to engineer new ways to make technologies work together seamlessly. Our software forms a digital foundation that powers the apps, services and experiences that are transforming the world.

GLOBAL Platinum Sponsors:

Parallels RAS

Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) is an all-in-one application delivery and VDI solution that allows users to securely access virtual workspaces from anywhere, on any device, anytime. Our cloud-ready software empowers organizations to embrace digital transformation by centralizing management of the IT infrastructure, streamlining multi-cloud deployment, reinforcing data security and improving process automation. Its flexible and scalable architecture allows organizations to quickly adapt to business demands.
The key benefits of Parallels RAS include: 
· Superior user experience on any device, anywhere 
· Enhanced data security 
· IT agility and business readiness 
· Easy to deploy, configure and maintain 
· Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) 



GLOBAL Gold Sponsors:

Our mission is to contextualize the corporate enterprise, allowing users the freedom to access their corporate workspace from any location, on any device, over any network, while giving IT departments the information and control they need to meet their governance requirements. With its patent pending technologies, deviceTRUST delivers more than 200 hardware, software, network, security, performance and location contextual properties into the virtual and physical workspaces. deviceTRUST can easily integrate with any existing workspace management solution and requires no additional infrastructure. The context is always up-to-date and any change triggers a definable action.

VastLimits VastLimits GmbH,the makers of UberAgent. We create software for enterprise IT because that is the market and mindset we understand. We know how IT professionals think and what kind of tools they need.We also know that typical enterprise software is unnecessarily complex to set up and way too difficult to operate. We create enterprise software that people not only tolerate but actually like. Our products help IT pros be more efficient by giving them exactly what they need to get their jobs done; no more, no less. We can do that because we live and breathe enterprise IT; after all, we have done the job ourselves! Our founder, Helge Klein, blogs and speaks at conferences. For these activities he has been awarded with leading industry awards: Citrix Technology Professional (CTP), Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Splunk Revolution Award and VMware vExpert.

,Software to increase your standardization and security (and make you more awesome).
Its hard to be a system administrator when you’re busy fighting fires all day. And we noticed lots of administrators struggle with their existing management tools to do (what appears) to make very simple security improvements. So PolicyPak was founded on three goals:
-Don’t rip-and-replace something you already love and use.
-Make your existing tools better and more effective.
-Standardize and secure your Windows machines.